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Juice Plus+ is proud to support Healthy Little Eaters and Nutrition Plus with this EXCLUSIVE OFFER.

Purchase the Healthy Little Eaters Game at a discounted price and help raise vital funds for the Nutrition Plus  Charity and help improve the health of indigenous children.

$10 per purchase will go directly to the Nutrition Plus Charity.

Start making a difference today!



Healthy Little Eaters Game – includes 24 jumbo match up cards plus giant floor puzzle!

There is no other game that teaches your child why it is important to eat fruit and vegetables! – It’s a real solution to a problem!

Help your child move into a more connected and mindful way of living.

A successful life all starts with a healthy body!

2 reviews for Healthy Little Eaters Game -Juice Plus

  1. Michelle

    After playing the game my daughter told me the whole evening which vegetables related to which body parts! I am amazed she tried raw broccoli, thank you for getting her so enthusiastic about fruits and vegetables!!

  2. Kate

    As a teacher I believe nutrition and the importance of healthy eating is not explained the way it should be. Healthy Little Eaters is a great lesson in nutrition and human anatomy and ticked all the boxes when it came to educating my son about healthy eating. Thank you for making fruits and veggies fun! Now my son links food on his plate to his body and is so much happier to eat his veggies!

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