My journey from an anxious person with a myriad of health issues to an empowered woman with a crazy strong immune system…


I used to dread the long days ahead, dragging my anxious, nauseous, bloated, seriously unhealthy self from sunrise to sunset – praying to god something didn’t happen to trigger a fullblown panic attack.

At the time, no one could ‘diagnose’ what was ‘WRONG WITH ME’, so I was sent on my merry way with a bag full of medication.

At this point I remember feeling like it couldn’t get any worse. 

Then a little light went off inside me. In that instant, I knew that it had to be possible to heal myself – yet the feeling of overwhelm came after this realisation.  I had no idea HOW  this would happen – or what I could possibly do to help.

Then somehow I came across the path of natural healing through foods and began learning about HOW our thoughts and thinking could play a vital part in self-healing.

I was blown away that it could be this simple. 

Even in my many years training to be a nurse – and the years that followed working inside the medical establishment – no one had told me that there was another way to heal outside of pharmaceutical drugs and medical intervention.

My journey then led me to discover the truth about the horrible cruelty taking place in the animal farming industry, then I learnt how DETRIMENTAL consuming animal products in times of sickness is to your body…. 

I instantly became a vegetarian, starting juice fasting and DITCHED the medication. 

I learnt not to fear anxiety, to give my body space and not be so hard on it – thinking something was ‘wrong with it’ and YES overtime it healed. 

After overcoming all of this, I still had one big questions that no one could answer for me. What was the point of me being on this planet?

I was then led down the AMAZING AND CHALLENGING personal development path.

I was equally shocked when I learnt how destructive negative thinking is – yet fascinated about the power of our thoughts and how they can attract health and happiness into our life.  

I began to learn the tools to set myself free from fear (previously kept up all night worrying excessively about the future – and that of my kids).

I learnt how to tap into my own power and how to stop worrying. 

I applied what I learnt and saw the most amazing miracle after miracles happen for me and my family.

I could finally rest into the fact that I am creating my own experiences and life – and that my body has an INBUILT SELF-HEALING SYSTEM. I just had to get out of the way (and stay there!).

Fast forward to now and these days I am Vegan (the vibrant whole foods and toxin free type) and I educate my two beautiful boys at home (well we are hardly ever actually at home!). 

I am so passionate about sharing my KNOWLEDGE with MY KIDS – first with food using the Healthy Little Eaters Game and now helping them to keep their positive mindset and connection with their body.

I know in my heart that by FOLLOWING MY INNER GUIDANCE and making the changes I did – plus being so pro-active in my kids learning of healthy eating, that I have set them up with skills for life – and a healthy strong immune system as a bonus!



I regularly use meditation, exercise and the power of BODY AWARENESS to keep me on track and to help me to TAP INTO MY LIMITLESS ENERGY. It is now so easy to lighten up and go with the flow whilst remaining strong, disciplined, focused and most importantly – CALM.

I am excited to share my knowledge with you and empower you to make the necessary changes to live a full and deeply fulfilling, stress-free life.




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