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Goals are certainly great and they definitely keep you on track and help you to grow, however if you are focused on the results of your goals then you could be setting yourself up for negative emotions to arise. 

Let’s say you went on a diet or a juice fast in the aim to lose some weight – 1 week later you step on the scales and your weight has not changed or perhaps it has even gone up! If you are focused on the results of your diet then no doubt you will feel disappointment, frustration and all sorts of negative emotions.

It is important to remember that any form of negative emotion, blocks off your ability to receive life’s flow of energy, which is crucial for the success in all areas of your life.

In this sense, your aim is to maintain positive and peaceful feelings and emotions as much and as often as you can. If you therefore set intentions of how you would like to feel, rather than the results you would like to see, it is much easier to maintain permanent positivity and your goals and desires will actually manifest much faster.

When your mood is not determined by what you see in your outside world, you can always remain in the amazing and magical flow of life. 

In this example, if your intention is patience or happiness rather than results on the scales, you will not be adversely affected by what you see.

In this state of patience and happiness, your body can quickly restore itself back to its ideal weight much quicker without you getting in the way by expressing negative emotion and slowing the process down.

This can be done for any area of your life including, business or career results, finding and building new relationships, achieving enlightenment or even getting out of stressful situations.

Have the intention to continually create inner peace by focusing on feelings of well-being. 

Some other powerful intentions to permanently adopt include feelings of happiness, patience, relaxation, strength and love.

It is crucial for your happiness and success to remain in elevated and peaceful states as much as you can, even if it temporarily feels unfamiliar and uncomfortable.

External conditions and circumstances cannot adversely affect you unless you give them permission, it your choice as to how you feel every moment of your life.

Don’t wait for something outside of you to make you feel good, feel good now and watch as your life transforms.



Remember, life is a game that we are all here to play. Have fun and discover how to use your mind and emotions to their full potential! 

Kate x


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