How to Edit your Food Mindset in 30 seconds!

Big organisations don’t want you to wake up, they are laughing at you!

Did you know that the wealthiest and most powerful people on this planet understand the importance of food and predominantly consume only organic non-GM (genetically modified), whole foods?

You see, what comes with wealth and power is knowledge and understanding of the truth. The people behind the massive corporations are not drinking coke, they are not eating Mc Donald’s or KFC, they are not drinking pasteurised milk or any foods that contain synthetic preservatives, sweeteners, MSG or chemicals, why?  Because they understand the insane implications they have on the human body.

The meat and dairy industry have sold us a fabulous lie, insisting that excessive amounts of milk and meat are good for us. However, it is precisely these massive amounts of meat and milk products that are contributing to the overwhelming incidences of breast cancer and other cancers and heart disease.

While these people are eating organic fruits and vegetables, they are spreading lies about what is good for you, adding highly addictive substances into food and cleverly marketing the crap out of it.

Just look at coke, they have produced a toxic drink primarily made up of water and sugar and have made millions, why? Because of how they have marketed it. The ads on TV are of good looking people having fun at the beach, living free and sharing great company. These companies are tapping into your emotions.

In most cases, people are looking for a release of their inner pain, they have no conscious understanding of this and therefore unaware of what is driving them to purchase unhealthy food and drinks that are sold to them.

When you see the coke ad, it makes you feel good, your body releases endorphins as you imagine yourself laughing and having fun with your friends. The reality is however, it is just sugar and water and cannot buy you freedom as suggested.

It even says on their website “Coke – new look same great feeling”, recognise the word ‘feeling’? Feelings and emotions are everything and the sooner you understand and become conscious of why you are eating and drinking things that are poisoning your body, the less power and control the media will have on you.

Food carries information and every piece of food carries with it a story. What stories are you putting into your body? Are you putting the story of a cow that has suffered a short and tortuous life? Are you putting chemicals into your body that it can’t even recognise and manifest as weight gain, mucous and illness? Are you putting a piece of fruit that has been stored for years in a refrigerator and no longer contains life?

Or are you putting vibrant, colourful, fresh organic produce that still contains the life force of the sun, that energises every cell of your being and fills you with life and energy?

These are your options and once you really get this, your whole mindset around food shifts.

Food becomes something that is there to purely nourish and strengthen your body and with all the amazing recipes out there, you ALWAYS feel full, satisfied, clean, full of energy and ready to conquer the world!   

Your body loves you so much and always has your back, repay the favour and become the strong gatekeeper that it deserves and only feed it life giving food, you will be amazed at the results!



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