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After playing the game, my daughter told me the whole evening which vegetables related to which body part! I am amazed she even tried raw broccoli.

Thank you for getting her so enthusiastic about fruit and vegetables.”

– Michelle –



Did you know that certain fruits and vegetables resemble parts of your body?


Have you noticed that a carrot when sliced looks like the pupil of your eye?

Your own child’s eyes will light up as they learn this and all of the other amazing facts as they match up the 24 JUMBO SIZED cards!

When your child understands their body, their body parts and how certain fruit and vegetables can help make them strong, they  quickly become excited and EMPOWERED to eat fruits and vegetables!



As a teacher I believe nutrition and the importance of healthy eating is not explained the way it should be. Healthy Little Eaters is a great lesson in nutrition and human anatomy and ticked all the boxes when it came to educating my son about healthy eating. Thank you for making fruit and veggies fun!! Now my son links food on his plate to his body and is so much happier to eat his veggies.”

– Emma Talbot, Teacher –

HI I'm Kate!

I believe EVERY child deserves the best possible start in life.





I remember the exact moment and feeling when I knew that I had to teach my children about the importance of healthy eating when they were young, so they didn’t have to go through the health issues that I did as a teenager and young adult.

Having healed health issues and anxiety through changing my diet and building a strong positive mindset, I became extremely passionate about sharing this knowledge with children and adults.

Having a healthy body and mind is the key to living a successful and fulfilling life and it all starts with what we are fuelling our bodies with – especially at a young age when our organs, bones and muscles are in the critical years of development.

As a mum to two little growing boys and a former Paediatric Nurse, it is my biggest passion that all children have access to learning about their bodies and healthy foods, whilst having as much fun as possible doing so!

So from one super passionate parent to another, I would love to ask you these two questions:

If the answer to either (or both) of these is “NO’, then it is absolutely vital you take the time to educate them.

Don’t worry you are not alone and this is the very reason for why I created the Healthy Little Eaters Game.


Using the knowledge I gained as a nurse and also my passion of preventative and natural health, I embarked on a mission to create a fun, healthy eating educational game that my kids would be begging to play again and again.


Healthy Little Eaters has worked so well in encouraging my children to eat fruit and veggies that I had to make more and share it with the world.

This beautifully crafted game offers a gift giving alternative to internet gaming and allows your child to ‘unplug’, re-connect with their body whilst discovering the fun and joy of healthy eating.

Encouraging your kids to eat healthily does not have to be hard work. It can be fun, there can be laughter, silliness and importantly connection!

If you want fun conversations around healthy eating and ways to get the veggies in, lets connect!


It’s time for a change! A healthier, happier change!


Please feel free to get in touch and stay connected.


Here’s to your happy, healthy, thriving kids!


    - Michelle -

    - Emma Talbot - TEACHER

    - Canice Harridge -

    - Kylie Oliver - Midwife and Mother

    - Julie Masko -
    - Julie Masko - Raw Food Chef
  • "My kids now ask for broccoli because they know it helps their brain!"

    - Anita Durno -
  • I feel that 'Healthy Little Eaters' is an excellent tool to teach children of all ages about food and how it helps your body work properly in a fun and interactive way. The sooner children make these important links, the better. My 8 year old daughter said "I love it! It has facts to learn and a cool puzzle." Thank you for this valuable tool!

    - Joanna Boyle - Dietitian



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