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Did you know that you have within you right now an amazingly powerful and continuous stream of energy, and abilities that you have never used or activated or perhaps don’t even know exist?

Once you become familiar with these awesome resources within you, they will sweep in like magic and help you to create any life experience that you wish, such as; building wealth, attracting amazing people into your life, creating your ideal body, having wonderful new opportunities and ideas come your way and experiencing consistent happiness, calmness and inner strength.

When you begin to tap into more of this powerful energy, it will also spontaneously help to clear out old patterns and blockages that are holding you back in different areas of your life and help to propel you into a life that most people only ever dream of!

In order for you to awaken and use more of your powerful energy, you first need to be able to understand and use much more of your mind and your imagination.

Your mind and your imagination is what creates your life. It has many extraordinary and even unimaginable powers that you do not know exist or have used.

Once you awaken more of your minds abilities, you naturally find your life filling with coincidences, synchronicities, motivation, persistence and inspiration.

It is for this reason that you should never look at the outside world to change your situation or experiences, you must look within yourself and start by asking yourself the question – what could I be possibly be doing to attract this experience/event or challenge into my life?  What choices or actions have led me to be experiencing this?

This self-awareness and increasing of your consciousness, coupled with taking the time to relax your body and gain a sense of the energy within you, is the best and most productive thing you can do to enhance your life in all areas.

It is possible to live a magical life each and every day.  The universe itself is very magical. It is made up of particles of energy which are all vibrating, forming all the physical objects you can see.

When you develop this awareness and begin to use more of your minds powers you can deliberately cause this energy to form into all of the experiences that you want.

This is when life truly becomes your playground.

Remember, life is a game that we are all here to play, discover how to use your mind and live your best life possible.

Kate x

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  • John Shearer

    We are All One, One with Spirit, One with Life! πŸ™ Be Mindful… Pause… Connect! 🌠😍✌

    • Kate

      Yes!! Thank you for your comment John πŸ™‚

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