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There is definitely a connection between your physical (outer) core and your spiritual (inner) core strength. In fact, a strong, flexible inner and outer core underpins almost everything you do.

Here are 5 stunning and fantastic reasons why we should work on our core every day!


If you strengthen your physical outer core, it stabilises you and allows for optimal transfer of energy between different parts of your body.

This is absolutely vital because in essence your body is an energy system and remember, everything including your success in life depends on your flow of positive energy!


When you have a strong physical core you definitely feel more comfortable and confident. Weak core muscles contribute to slouching and can contribute to more wear and tear on your spine. 

Core strength helps you have a great posture which projects confidence and enables you to express and hold yourself in a more confident, calm and grounded manner.  

Inner core strength is just as vital for your confidence. A strong spiritual centre provides the same benefits; courage and optimal flow of positive energy – enabling you the confidence to step from your comfort zone and stay strong in challenging times. 


Your inner and outer core strength stabilizes both your mind and body, allowing you to move in any direction you want in life, even on the of bumpiest terrain or staying still (which is sometimes even harder) without losing your balance.

A strong inner core gives you the courage to stand up for what you think is good and true and not to buckle in fear even when confronted or afraid.

Viewed this way, core strength can lessen your risk of falling both physically and mentally. You attain almost a warrior like mindset and nothing can rock you.


When you feel good about your body – you feel happy and relaxed. A relaxed body is vital to your happiness, as the energy within you can flow freely and positive experiences are automatically brought to you.

With a strong stable centre, you can remain clam, centred, grounded and happy with whatever comes up in life. Unproductive thoughts can be gently pushed aside, and you can easily continue with achieving your desires.


Working on your inner core strength helps you to clear away patterns of thoughts and actions that keep you from loving, understanding or reaching out to others.

When you feel strong both internally and externally, the desire to judge others slowly fades and you recognise everyone for the unique person they are.  

Negative emotions can also be energetically stored within the abdominal region, which is a great reason to clear them out!

The more your strengthen this area, the more you have the ability to respond appropriately and have the ability to cope with and resolve strong emotions like hate, anger, jealousy and resentment.

You find yourself able to listen and communicate with others on a deeper level and you release feelings of victimisation.

Developing physical and spiritual core strength allows you to meet your own needs, create healthy positive relationships and function confidently and well in the world.

Trans-formative practice can be daunting, but it can be very simple. Have the perseverance to begin again each day without quitting. Practice exercises each day that strengthen your physical core, begin small and increase over time.

Great exercises to strengthen your outer core include yoga, pilates, running, sits ups, handstands or headstands and climbing.

Wonderful exercises to strengthen your inner core include meditation, yoga, tai-chi, mindfulness – awareness of all of your thoughts and emotions, trigger points, opening your heart, stepping from your comfort zone and constant self-reflection.

Considering what you eat and drink is also important. A strong, healthy mind and body is the best gift you can ever give to yourself. A strong core is protective!

Challenge yourself to grow stronger each and every day.


Remember, life is a game that we are all here to play. Have fun and discover how to use your mind to its full potential! 

Kate x


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