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Most of the amazing things that have happened throughout my life, have happened not from me trying to make them happen but have shown up as coincidences when I have least expected them.

Coincidences and opportunities are actually something that you have control over and can create. You just need to discover the secrets of your mind and the laws of life.

Below are 5 of the top ways that you can start to consciously create anything you desire. This is not for everyone, these steps are powerful but they do take courage, commitment, patience and ultimate trust. 


Intention is getting super clear on what you want – almost to the detail.

I remember when I applied for a nursing job (at that time I didn’t know what I was doing), I sat down and wrote a letter to my agency detailing the exact job that I was seeking. Some of the job specifications that I wanted seemed very unlikely – i.e. minimal weekend work, no night duty, great pay, flexibility and working with a great team of people. A few days later I got a call from the agency about a position that had just become available, it fit the exact specifications and I loved it!  

Therefore, the first step is getting absolutely clear on what you want – this can be in any area of your life, from your career, relationships, health, body, money and anything else you can think of.

Writing it out is helpful but using your most powerful faculty – your imagination, is even more powerful!

Spend time each day imagining what you want – be very specific.


Once you have clearly imagined it, you have to let your idea or image go. If you over intend you are trying to make things happen, you are trying to move matter with matter, instead of using energy to organise matter.

An example of this is wanting a specific job and spending hours sending out hundreds of applications, instead of relaxing, trusting and letting the job come to you. You must learn to trust in an intelligence that is far more powerful than your ordinary mind to bring it to you. 

It is the same intelligence that is responsible for your heart beating and the digesting of your food, it is the intelligence that causes the sun to rise and for galaxies to form.

You are indeed connected to this intelligence all of the time, so you may as well use it. You get in touch with this intelligence by sensing it!

Most people are running around in stress – otherwise known as cellular tension. In this state our energy centres are not flowing and we can’t receive the information directing us to our desired outcome or allowing it to come to us.

Therefore, cellular relaxation is what we are aiming for. We need our nervous system to be calm and soothed – not just sometimes but all of the time.

In a sense, you need to lay down the very thing that you have used your whole life (hard work, striving, competitiveness and urgency) to get what you want for something greater to occur.


Thoughts are electric and feelings are magnetic, they are powerful! It is our emotions that draws things to us – negative or positive. Therefore, we have to match our clear intention with an elevated emotion.

It is not enough to have one positive thought and emotion about your future and then live the rest of the day responding to your current reality unconsciously and in a flat state.

If you are not making a concerted effort to stay in the energy of your creation (what it would feel like once you have it) throughout the day, it’s the same as drinking a green smoothie in the morning and then eating junk for the rest of the day, there’s just no point.

The same goes for everything you are creating in your life. This is where consistency is key! Take 5 minutes a few times a day to stop, relax and feel into your amazing future. 


It is far easier to remain in an elevated, happy, calm state when you let go of how your creation (desire) will show up. This means trusting in the greater intelligence to organise your creation in a way that is right for you and allow it to unfold in a new and different way than what you have previously planned, anticipated or remembered in the past.

The moment you start to feel frustrated, impatient, angry, sad or resentful you have disconnected from the energy of your future, because you are trying to force, control, predict or manipulate outcomes. When you notice these emotions, it is important to stop and reconnect with the energy (the feeling).

If you catch yourself saying ‘but I do the work every day and still nothing happens’ – then it is a sign that you are not trusting.  You are waiting for something outside of you to make that feeling of separation or lack, change how you are feeling inside of you – this is called separation.

Because matter is the slowest frequency it may take time for the external conditions in your life to manifest or come into alignment with your inner vision. Have fun with it and trust – live for the mystical!   


You must commit to stay in the energy (feeling like it has already happened) of your creation daily. That’s not to say it is easy – otherwise everyone would be doing it, it certainly takes practice and you must remain conscious and in control of all of the thoughts and images that pass through your mind and alter them accordingly. 

In the beginning you are going to feel frustrated and uncomfortable, this is normal. With enough practice, you stop trying to think and you become it. This then becomes your new personality and way of living and you can finally relax into it. Now what was once something that you had to practice becomes fun and exciting – something you look forward to.

Why not for today pretend your perfect future has already happened? After all who knows you just might find your future finding you!

Remember, life is a game that we are all here to play. Have fun and discover how to use your mind to its full potential! 

Kate x

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