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Okay so I am going to be pretty biased in this post and focus on plant foods – obviously for the fact that I choose to build my strength and tone my body through eating a plant-based diet. I believe the best way to look for answers and the truth is to look to nature. Yes, I have done a lot of research, however I also recognise that some of the strongest animals on this planet i.e. gorillas and elephants predominantly eat only plants, so I have decided to take their advice and smash in the plants!

Adding more of these foods into your diet will massively increase your energy and boost your immune system, which will in turn fill you with motivation to work out and rise to new levels of success, whether that be in your fitness goals, business, job or life in general. Our future is changing so rapidly and we will all need a super resilient body and mind to keep up with the changes and push through challenges that will test our mental and physical strength.  

All plant-based foods certainly build strength, however here are the top 5 foods that have massively helped to tone my body, increase my happiness and strengthen my mindset.


Do I love it – No, do I eat heaps of it – Yes! It’s not that I dislike broccoli but in all honesty it’s definitely not my favourite food. That being said, I still make sure I have broccoli every single day. Broccoli is king of the cabbage clan and it has the most profound effects on your brain – targeting your neuro immune cells. Broccoli sprouts are even more powerful and contain a high concentration of cancer fighting properties.

Broccoli is super high in protein and also contains calcium and vitamin D. These nutrients enhance skeletal muscle strength and performance. Every morning I make sure I have some raw broccoli to snack on or mixed in a smoothie while I prepare for the day.


The greens I typically buy are kale, spinach and lettuce. I use lettuce in my salads and save the kale and spinach for smoothies. Why? Because I like to eat heaps and simply can’t sit there and eat huge amounts of kale or spinach in one go.

Dark leafy greens are rich in calcium and protein. Calcium is needed for muscles to move and for nerves to carry signals between the brain and the rest of the body. Weightlifters consume a lot of calcium to resist injury during exercise. Green foods are also extremely alkalising, meaning they help to reduce acid build up in the body, helping to remove cellulite and tone your skin.


One of keys to building strength is focusing on nutritionally dense foods such as berries. Loaded with antioxidants, berries can prevent and even reverse physical and mental decline.  Berries target your blood and fire up your immune system.

Ever woken up a day or two after an intense work out and been so sore you can’t move? I certainly have. This is due to inflammation created by heaps of micro tears in your muscles, one of the best ways to reduce this pain is by consuming loads of berries. Make it a point to eat berries every day! Yes I spend a heap on frozen organic berries but it’s totally worth it!


Bananas are up there as one of my favourite foods. They’re inexpensive, come with a built-in wrapper and you can eat them on the go any time of the day. They are amazing to add to smoothies (especially when frozen) and they totally hit the spot when you want something sweet.

When looking to tone your body, people often neglect the importance of carbs. Carbs play a critical role in your post work out meal, as they replenish glycogen stores and help protein reach your muscles. Bananas are a nutritious way to get more carbs in along with vitamins, minerals and fibre. They help to build blood volume and directly target your bones and muscles.

For the men out there, bananas are also known to assist with penile function! 🙂 

5. NUTS!

Healthy fats like nuts are a pillar of any healthy diet. Fat in your diet is vital to encourage fat loss. Evidence proves that nuts are natures most versatile, nutritionally balanced health food.

My top 3 favourite nuts are peanuts, almonds and brazil nuts. Peanuts are high in protein and taste awesome in smoothies.

Almonds target your brain, have plenty of heart health benefits and promote fat loss. I love to make fresh almond milk to add to smoothies.

Brazil nuts are super high in selenium – a powerful mineral that helps to support thyroid function. They are a great source of zinc which is essential to digestion and metabolism. Selenium helps to boost immune function and is important for maintaining muscle strength.

Eat two brazil nuts a day and your selenium needs are met!

The key to toning your body is consistency – you can’t eat healthy one day and then back to the same rubbish the next day – if truly want to tone and transform your body you’ve got to pack these foods in every day.

Remember to also use your most powerful faculty – your imagination! Visualise the body you want to create on a daily basis – you’ll be shocked at the results! You truly are creating your life with your imagination!

Remember, life is a game that we are all here to play, eat well, stay positive and live your best life possible.

Kate x

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