“The abundance of the universe is available to everyone’’.

Did you know that your so called ‘lack of money’ is only a belief in your consciousness? Hard to believe, right?

Money is only another form of energy. It is neither good nor bad.  What you think about it is everything. It is your mind which decides whether you will be rich or poor. 

Here are four great ways to improve your money mindset.

CELEBRATE IN OTHERS SUCCESS – By resenting or being jealous of other people’s success only delays your own prosperity and wealth creation.

If you are wishing misfortune upon others, you are only damaging yourself as you believe that you do not have the power within you to also create success.

Stop concerning yourself with the lives of others and take care of your own thoughts. There is always plenty for everyone.

We are all connected at some level. You attract into your life those who share the same beliefs and success that you do. For this reason, I celebrate when I see or hear about my friends success because it means that I too must be vibrating at that level.

Begin to look at others as if they were you. This is incredibly powerful. Celebrate and rejoice in their success and you will receive success in your life.

PAY WITH CONFIDENCE– It is in your best interest to stop worrying about money, bills and debts. Worrying will not make a difference. 

When you purchase groceries etc, pay with confidence! Each time you feel confident in your purchases you are ingraining into your mind that you have plenty of money. Even if your bank account is low, it is important not to let fear take a hold, take deeps breaths and trust that your income is increasing!

Each time a bill comes in, generate a feeling of ease in your body knowing that you will always have enough money to pay for it. You must generate a feeling of prosperity rather than lack, if you are consistent this will produce wonderful results. 

MAKE ROOM FOR NEW OPPORTUNITES – A cluttered house means a cluttered mind. It is harder to attract wealth into your life if you are not clear and focused.

Clean out your cupboards, refrigerator and your clothes. Clean out all of the little scraps of food that you are waiting to use and get rid of everything that you have not used for 6 months.

Now is a great time to open yourself up and create a clear path to receiving the flow of money.

This clarity and space will also bring with it new opportunities and experiences that you didn’t even know were available.


Visualisation is one of the most powerful ways to attract what you want in your life. When you picture something in your mind, your subconscious mind doesn’t know whether it is real or not and if you are consistent the image you have created will manifest in your reality.

Visualisations are most effective when they are done consistently and with focus. If money is your desire, visualise your credit card statement paid off, or the new house you desire or your bank account with a large surplus. Don’t concern yourself with how this will happen, this is the job for an intelligence far greater than you. Just be clear on what you want.   

Here are 3 powerful affirmations to repeat daily.

I am willing to release old negative patterns about money and attract more success into my life daily.

I now receive income from expected and unexpected sources.

Money flows to me easily and effortlessly.


* Remember life is supposed to be fun! I strongly believe that the more fun you have and the more relaxed you are, the wealthier you will become. 

Have an amazing day!


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