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Learning to manifest is one of the coolest and most fun things you can do. Manifesting means bringing something into your life, whether that be a person, an experience or a material object, using the force of your mind and the power of your emotions.

You are in fact manifesting already, every experience that you have, be it positive or negative, is a result of a program, memory or imagined event that has been uploaded into your subconscious mind and bought to fruition by the powerful emotions attached to it, in other words you are projecting your life from the inside out.

When you become in control of your imagination, you can direct your mind and emotions to bring into your reality anything you desire. The key is practice, patience and consistency!!

Choose something that you would like to see – even if it is as simple as a red hat – relax your entire body, build an image of it in your mind with your eyes closed and concentrate on the image for as long as you can while experiencing positive emotion.

You will be stunned at the results and find yourself laughing at all the amazing things that happen each day!


As you start to gain control of your imagination and bring positive experiences into your life, you will also naturally find yourself attracting the company of like-minded people.  

Positive and high vibing people can have a wonderful influence on your life. Generally, these people are always seeking to have fun new experiences, are super supportive, confident and grounded. Go to places where positive people hang out and if you are invited to try something new, say yes!  

As we are all energy beings at our core, people can pick up on your energy at an unconscious level. Therefore, as you start to increase your own powerful positive energy DOWNLOAD YOUR ENERGY EBOOK  people will be magnetised to you and the ripple effect goes on.

Remember, everything starts with you, fill yourself with positive energy and the people and the fun will come!


As humans our purpose on this planet is to create – we are in fact creative instruments. You must have something that you are working towards or something you can put your energy into. If you do not know what it is that you wish to create, start with something you have already created and make it better!  

If you are in a job, do it the best you can, regardless if you like it or not, if you have children be the best parent you can be. You can also do the dishes or cook dinner with a sense of creativity, making everything you do a fun and uplifting experience.

When you pour positive energy into even the most medial of tasks, remarkable things happen in all other areas of your life.

Writing, starting a blog, photography, playing an instrument, having a family, being in a relationship, starting a new sport or business are all wonderful ways to be creative.

If you are not actively creating something in your life, life will bring you something that will get your attention and it is often negative, so get creating and have fun!


This one is huge! Something we are not often told is that life is 100% on our side. Any future reality you can conjure up in your mind you can have.

A useful analogy is like ordering on Amazon – when you order something you first decide on what it is you want, you click the buy button and that’s it. You then just expectantly wait for it come. You don’t check the tracking each day, analyse or stress about when it’s coming, you just know and trust that it will arrive.

This is the exact process that we need to take while waiting for all our desires to come to fruition.    

Thinking and analysing about how an experience will unfold actually slows the process down. The more relaxed you can remain within your body – eliminating tension, stress, fear or worry is vital.

To speed the process up, spend a few moments each day imagining what it is that you want to experience (it is very helpful to feel positive emotion at the same time) and then just relax and let it go.

Trust that life only wants the absolute best for you. There is an incredible intelligence listening to everything you desire, and the possibilities are endless.

When you have this sense of trust, life turns into a super fun game – no more worry, anxiety or fear!   

Why settle for anything less than a fabulous life?? Having more fun in your life is all about raising your level of consciousness and increasing the positive energy that you have flowing through you.

Remember, life is a game that we are all here to play – have fun, discover how to use your mind and live your best life possible!

Kate x

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